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Scott Harro
Coach Scott Harro

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QB Marc Bulger (Out) vs. San Francisco 49ers
Matt Hasselbeck @ San Diego Chargers
Brad Johnson (Questionable) @ Chicago Bears
Jon Kitna @ Buffalo Bills
Jim Miller (Injured Reserve) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
RB Dee Brown (Questionable) @ New Orleans Saints
Jamal Lewis @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Marcel Shipp @ Denver Broncos
Antowain Smith vs. Miami Dolphins
WR Corey Bradford vs. Tennessee Titans
Isaac Bruce vs. San Francisco 49ers
Chris Chambers @ New England Patriots
Curtis Conway (Doubtful) vs. Seattle Seahawks
Chad Johnson @ Buffalo Bills
James Thrash @ New York Giants
K Mike Vanderjagt vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Off Indianapolis Offense vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Def Tennessee Defense @ Houston Texans


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