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Week 8

2004 East West Dogtown Fantasy Football League

05:00 AM

2004 East West Dogtown Fantasy Football League Scores for 2004 Week #8
Weekly Scores
Dogtown Dirty Doggs 105 Dogtown Blind Pigs 70
Ridgeview Rowdies 104 Dynamic Duo 69
Dogtown F.N Rats 101 Doughboys II 50
Bob's Bald Eagles 100 The Dizzy Vulture 47
P.W. Chuggers 72 The Champs 38
Total Point Rankings
Team Tot Back 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Dogtown Dirty Doggs 645 0 69 93 97 66 63 70 82 105
Dogtown F.N Rats 592 53 71 51 84 77 80 58 70 101
Ridgeview Rowdies 515 130 42 46 91 42 63 71 56 104
The Dizzy Vulture 499 146 84 46 78 36 64 75 69 47
Bob's Bald Eagles 497 148 41 40 71 35 63 98 49 100
Doughboys II 492 153 54 61 60 64 98 75 30 50
Dynamic Duo 492 153 92 64 76 47 42 44 58 69
P.W. Chuggers 487 158 33 86 66 47 60 54 69 72
The Champs 464 181 83 58 54 56 62 40 73 38
Dogtown Blind Pigs 428 217 54 51 65 22 40 54 72 70
Previous Week's Transactions
The Champs Dropped RB MINOR,TRAVIS (MIA)  
The Champs Picked Up RB MOORE,MEWELDE (MIN)  
Dogtown F.N Rats Dropped MIAMI DEFENSE  
Dogtown F.N Rats Dropped K EDINGER,PAUL (CHI)  
Dogtown F.N Rats Picked Up NY JETS DEFENSE  
Dogtown F.N Rats Picked Up K KAEDING,NATE (SD)  
The Dizzy Vulture Dropped RB HOLLINGS,TONY (HOU)  
The Dizzy Vulture Picked Up WR BURLESON,NATE (MIN)  
Ridgeview Rowdies Dropped QB JOHNSON,BRAD (TB)  
Ridgeview Rowdies Picked Up QB MCCOWN,JOSH (ARI)  
Ridgeview Rowdies Dropped RB SHIPP,MARCEL (ARI)  
Ridgeview Rowdies Picked Up RB STECKER,AARON (NO)  
Bob's Bald Eagles Dropped K KASAY,JOHN (CAR)  
Bob's Bald Eagles Dropped DALLAS DEFENSE  
Bob's Bald Eagles Picked Up NY GIANTS DEFENSE  
Bob's Bald Eagles Picked Up K DAWSON,PHIL (CLE)  
Current Week's Transactions
Dynamic Duo Dropped RB THOMAS,ANTHONY (CHI)  
Dynamic Duo Picked Up RB BLAYLOCK,DERRICK (KC)  
P.W. Chuggers Dropped RB FOSTER,DE'SHAUN (CAR)  
P.W. Chuggers Removed WR BOLDIN,ANQUAN (ARI) from Injured Reserve  
Dogtown Dirty Doggs Dropped QB MADDOX,TOMMY (PIT)  
Dogtown Dirty Doggs Picked Up QB ROETHLISBERGER,BEN (PIT)  
P.W. Chuggers Dropped RB SMITH,MUSA (BAL)  
P.W. Chuggers Picked Up RB HOOVER,BRAD (CAR)  
Dogtown Dirty Doggs Dropped WR TOOMER,AMANI (NYG)  
Dogtown Dirty Doggs Picked Up WR PATTEN,DAVID (NE)  
Ridgeview Rowdies Dropped RB ALSTOTT,MIKE (TB)  
Ridgeview Rowdies Dropped RB JONES,JULIUS (DAL)  
Ridgeview Rowdies Dropped K CONWAY,BRETT (---)  
Ridgeview Rowdies Dropped WR MUHAMMAD,MUHSIN (CAR)  
Ridgeview Rowdies Picked Up K GRAHAM,SHAYNE (CIN)  
Ridgeview Rowdies Picked Up WASHINGTON DEFENSE  
Ridgeview Rowdies Picked Up RB MORRIS,SAMMY (MIA)  
Ridgeview Rowdies Picked Up WR MCCARDELL,KEENAN (SD)  
Week #8 NFL Schedule
Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills Sunday 1:00pm
Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles Sunday 1:00pm
Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins Sunday 1:00pm
Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys Sunday 1:00pm
Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans Sunday 1:00pm
New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings Sunday 1:00pm
Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans Sunday 1:00pm
Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs Sunday 1:00pm
Atlanta Falcons at Denver Broncos Sunday 4:05pm
Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks Sunday 4:05pm
Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Sunday 4:15pm
New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday 4:15pm
San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears Sunday 8:30pm
Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Monday 9:00pm
Bye Teams
Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Cleveland Browns
St. Louis Rams   New Orleans Saints
Week #9 NFL Schedule
Oakland Raiders at Carolina Panthers Sunday 1:00pm
Kansas City Chiefs at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday 1:00pm
Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday 1:00pm
Dallas Cowboys at Cincinnati Bengals Sunday 1:00pm
Arizona Cardinals at Miami Dolphins Sunday 1:00pm
Washington Redskins at Detroit Lions Sunday 1:00pm
New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Sunday 1:00pm
New Orleans Saints at San Diego Chargers Sunday 4:05pm
Chicago Bears at New York Giants Sunday 4:05pm
Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Sunday 4:05pm
New England Patriots at St. Louis Rams Sunday 4:15pm
Houston Texans at Denver Broncos Sunday 4:15pm
Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Sunday 8:30pm
Minnesota Vikings at Indianapolis Colts Monday 9:00pm
Bye Teams
Tennessee Titans   Green Bay Packers
Jacksonville Jaguars   Atlanta Falcons